Declaration of Universal Rights, From Human – to Human

Declaration of Universal Human Rights, From Human – to Human is the translated title of the public intervention that took part in different places within the bilingual city of Bolzano in South Tyrol, North Italy.

The public intervention was commissioned by and designed in collaboration with two employees of the Public office for permanent education of the city Bolzano.

The intervention’s main goal is to make people engage with each other so that they would declare each other the Universal Rights through a passport for which they had to portrait the other (unknown) person, sign, and stamp the document like during an official declaration.

Thereby we wanted to make people more aware of the already existing Universal Rights declared in 1948. Furthermore we targeted the individuals as responsible actors to question the current situation and conditions regarding the implementation of human rights. (e.g. within the refugee discourse and the connected issue of equality)

In addition the commissioning public servants had to change their usual roles they embody while working for the city-office. They no longer acted in a mode of ‘state employee ↔ citizen’ but became rather moderators/agents that try to make single individuals engage with each other on the streets. (‘citizen ↔ citizen’)

Besides that, people could invent and dream about new universal rights that they would like to see implemented and write them down on a huge black board – the “mirror of critique and hopes”.

Discussion Declaration of Universal Rights, From Human – to Human