Average Everydayness

During a few weeks, a series of interviews were made to collect what the people feel while working. This project explores the role of the designer as an archeologist of potential virtues in common jobs. With the question “what do the people feel in a typical work day” in mind, the designer creates a framework for interviews where he explores the feelings and perceptions of a common job based on personal experiences.

Jobs in the service sector are by definition repetitive, and in a time when automatization and technology are replacing large number of human jobs, the project extracts human feeling as a material to create new hybrid artefacts. Each object is a cadavre exquis of 3 different sensations, from 3 different jobs.

In this scenario, we are not just re-defining the role of the designer, but we are also looking for new types of materiality.

Discussion Average Everydayness

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