INJERTO [Graft / Rhizome]

In a country between two oceans, I’ve realised there exists a failed attempt of growing up. People live from a unique point of view, constantly avoiding different perspectives and the opportunity of discussion.

Everyone thinks that they are right and classify a lot of topics as untouchable. There’s no freedom expression, and people just follow a given idea. But I’m done. I’m done seeing how ordinary decisions affect the future of my country . I know I can be part of the change, we can be active regarding those challenges.

We can make liberate people, so they can openly share their ideas and opinions without fear of judgement or change, and overall, that they can understand and accept different ideas and perspectives, see the world from different points of view, be critical and be able to argue their personal ones. All of this for our society, our country Colombia.

That’s way I’m here; I’m injerto [Graft/Rhizome] and I’ve come to change this story.


*Injerto is an open and participatory fanzine used to discuss topics that are considered untouchable and open people to perspectives outside of their own; the pictures are of the first iteration of the project, where students of the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University shared their views on feminism and abortion.

Discussion INJERTO [Graft / Rhizome]

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