Move the Neighborhood! – with children

What happens when we include children in the design and development of public urban spaces? What are their dreams and visions for commons when they are given the chance to imagine, build and express their ideas?

This pratice lead research project “Move the neighbourhood!” explores chidrens engagement with public space through a collaborative process co-designing and building a public site in a local community. The aim is to discover if and how co-design of urban spaces in collaboration with children can contribute to better locally integrated playful outdoor spaces. In other words the project asks: Will the involvement of the children through project asks: Will the involvement of the children through a co-design process impact their following use the outdoor space?

The video depicts a pilot study where children from the youth club Rubinen was invited to participate in the design and construction of a temporary urban installation. The process also tested methods of collageing and mapping ideas. Finally it worked as a visible statement in the community ensuring local support for the further involvement of children in the urban renewal process giving children a voice into the many agendas and stakeholders at play.

The experimentation  is part of a collaborative research project  between three Danish research institutions University of Copenhagen, School of Archiecture and University of Southern Denmark  and a municipal areal renewal initiative in Sydhavnen, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Discussion Move the Neighborhood! – with children

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