Precarity Pilot – re-defining the path of our working lives

Precarity Pilot is an online platform and a series of nomadic workshops that aim at addressing in inventive ways issues faced by precarious designers.

Shaken by the concerns that emerged from our earlier investigations, namely Designers’ Inquiry (2012-2013) and Designing Economic Cultures (2011-2013), Precarity Pilot wants to support designers in re-shaping, re-orienting and taking ownership of the course of their working lives.

In the context of Europe, where cuts to welfare systems and unfair working conditions are making it difficult to confidently imagine the course of one’s working life, Precarity Pilot is an attempt to direct our efforts and everyday activities as designers towards constructing a different economic environment – both through what we produce and through the ways we practice and live.

Precarity Pilot is not primarily concerned with stabilising precarious design practices as they are, but rather with creating conditions in which it is possible for designers to imagine and actuate what they could become when not pressured by precariousness to conform to the needs of the market.

Discussion Precarity Pilot – re-defining the path of our working lives

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