A·BORDO en el proyecto de la gente

A·BORDO en el proyecto de la gente (ON·BOARD people’s projects)

We call A·Bordo the fact of gathering knowledge, convening communities and mobilizing resources to design and create spaces that provide significant benefits.

On each case we created a multidisciplinary group who developed significant projects, in a collaborative way, related to space, network, service and/or product design that give openness to creative processes in vulnerable (or not) communities.

At A·BORDO we work sustainably by: an appreciative gaze that highlights the benefits of the community; an exchange of knowledge within a creative scenario that articulates participatory, colaborative and multidisciplinary methodologies; and mobilizing resources amongst different organizations. This process results in a collective learning of new routes originating in other contexts’ creation.

One of the people’s projects was:


Cultural and Entrepreneurship Hub

During three months of work between the Santa Rosa’s neighborhood inhabitants (San Cristobal – Bogotá) and the different organizations involved (Madre del Divíno Amor Church and Proyectar sin Fronteras -PSF) a spiritual, cultural and entrepreneurship hub was created, through A·Bordo methodology, inside the church facilities.

This initiative began with the idea to build networking-connections amongst institutions to strengthen their value offers and in order to benefit the personal and community development. It was possible to involve young people and adults in a hub designed for and by the community. Moreover, we connected them with institutions, organizations and groups which are working to benefit the community. This way, “we attract and impact in a positive way for the community by strengthening their family nucleus and project of life” (COMParte presentation).

Through the On·Board methodology, leaders of organization, different groups and members of the community designed and made the hub structure, indoors areas, characteristics of each room and the image of COMParte. At the end, in the opening day, not only a celebration took place, also a feedback meting to think about the future.

“Since its opening Center COMParte has carried out about 27 activities with the groups that belong to the project. Some of these activities with the support or/and alliance with other institutions” (COMParte presentation).


Discussion A·BORDO en el proyecto de la gente

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