Ministry of Truth and Typography // Critical Poster Design

My project is self-initiated. My client is the unconscious viewer walking on the street, the inhabitant of the city, and the society being exposed to visual communication and posters in the urban landscape. They are participants in writing the content and being exposed to my work.

I offer an alternative for the viewer to see in comparison to the common poster that sells, invites or builds awareness. My goal is not to sell, invite to an event or build awareness of something but to mirror the news produced in the society back to the society. My work falls into the discipline of critical design.

I started to reproduce texts from the print media in Namibia in 2013 into typographic posters. What interests me in this process is how a poster, a piece of paper, can create a very emotional attack in a viewer, but also how people talk either about the design or the content. How many times do You see a viewer discussing a poster on the streets? Or are they a mere background of the urban landscape?

Anthony Dunne and Fiona Raby say that critical design “provides a critique of the prevailing situation through designs that embody alternative social, cultural, technical and economic values”. (Dunne & Raby, 2001, 58)

I hand stamp the posters and sign them, like a proper ministry would. This poster states the following: “African Leaders Are Mute, Even as Their People Die at Sea” and the whole news text can be found at:

All work of mine can be found at:

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